Comments still vanishing

I was in touch with WordPress/Akismet about my vanishing comments.  Every blog I write oncomp – unless they have specifically marked me as NOT spam – my comment never publishes.  Someone from Akismet emailed and said he cannot understand why I am having this problem, but is looking into it.  I can only imagine that perhaps someone marked me as spam and it set off a whole chain of events.  It seems odd that every blog is treating my comments as spam.  GGggggrrrrr

If I have liked your posts, the chances are I will also have a comment waiting in your spam box!

4 thoughts on “Comments still vanishing

  1. Red

    I have checked the spam folder on both blogs and found nothing. I do hope that WP can get this fixed as I enjoy your comments. Hang in there.


  2. Bourbon

    Did you say that it is a very widespread with a lot of us having the same issue? Who was it you contacted? Perhaps I need to message them too…


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