9 thoughts on “Oooops..BPD

  1. Priceless Joy

    Yes, I was going to. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a comment section and now I know why! LOL! BPD is very complicated and I would love to say something intelligent, but know so little about it. I was never diagnosed with it, but the relationship problems you have seem very similar to my own dysfunctional relationships in the past. Why is it that romantic type relationships are so darn difficult!? I am glad you are working through your relationship difficultes because I want you to find your soul-mate, life partner (if that is what you want). I believe that working through them, that will be possible for you. ~Hugs!~


  2. mandy

    I thought maybe you were just tired of my jokes, Cat πŸ™‚ But I did relate to your post. I’m famous for sabotaging relationships. I used to think something was really wrong with me–okay, it was/is, but now I understand it. All those little things like trust, fear of intimacy… I don’t know if it will change in this lifetime, but if I can grow comfortable in my own skin, I’m going to say I did good.



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