A little Tour of Scotland

When I went in search of an image for this blog, I discovered many photos of places I had visited over a period of about ten-years. That was over twenty-years ago and the dusty memories feel a lifetime away.

As I recalled the happy memories, I caught a glimpse of how it felt to be ME back then. It was a time before mental health became so complicated. I loved and explored life with my ex-partner. We were both outdoor mountain people and there is no better place to live than Scotland.

Scotland has the most mountains in the UK, particularly in the far north. We call thatth0EQRX43S part of the country, ‘The Highlands’, with a number of smaller Islands just off the west coast of Scotland.

The titles of mountains indicate their general height and terrain. There are Ben Mountains, Munro Mountains, Corbett’s, and Grahams. The Ben Mountains are the highest at over 3,000ft, with the Grahams at the bottom of the chart.

All my photos are on hard copy, so I searched for similar on the internet.


Our holiday always started a short distance away from our home city of Glasgow at Loch Lomond.


Half way along the Loch is a place called Inverbeg. When I was training to be a Youth Worker for the Church of Scotland, I worked here at the Inverbeg Inn during summer season as a barman.


While it was always nice to catch up with old friends, our interests lay across the loch (the water) at a place called Rowardennan, which sits at the foot of one of Scotland’s most popular Mountains, Ben Lomond.  It may not look much but it has a height of 3,193ft.

We would borrow a rowing boat and row to the other side of the Loch to the foot of Ben Lomond Mountain.

Our hike up Ben Lomond followed a tourist trail for so far before joining one of the steeper and rockier routes.thM6LOUZFE

In the earlier days, there were times when I struggled the last few hundred yards on my hands and knees to the top.


The climb can be a challenge in poor weather and is always bitterly cold on the summit during mid-summer. Sadly, few of these images do the spectacular scenery any justice.

The next leg of our trip would take us into The Highlands.

The Pass of Glencoe. th623MBPC8

This is the land of Scottish Clans, Viking invaders, and warriors of Gaelic mythology. It is easy to forget time while travelling through these mountains.

Every year we would spend a couple of days in Glencoe exploring some of the mountains.

The Three Sisters


The Pap of Glencoe


In Scotland, the word “pap” means a woman’s breast. While I wouldn’t know anything about this, apparently, from a certain angle, this mountain is supposed to resemble a woman’s “pap.”  I suppose I can see a nipple in there somewhere.

Before leaving the mainland of Scotland for our second week on the Isle of Skye, we would head to FortthGU32OL76 William.

Here we will find the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis, which stands at 4,000ft.

The second half is really only for the more experienced hiker.


 The Rope Bridge


20 thoughts on “A little Tour of Scotland

  1. kat

    fascinating! i was to the UK when I was a kid, and we stopped in Scotland very near Loch Ness. My parents took me out to it and let me ‘look for the Loch Ness Monster’–we never saw it, lol. we stayed in an inn—Inverlochy, i think was the name. We also stayed in a castle that had been remodeled to be an Inn, Dalhousie Castle. My parents had the tower room, and i had the maids’ room down the hall. and then we went thru Edinburgh before we turned back toward Stratford upon Avon. we stayed in a great place there, too, called the Haytor, i think. I wish we’d have had more time in Scotland, tho!


    1. Cat Post author

      That’s amazing. I know everywhere you refer to. We spent every summer in Inverness and, yes, I always did look for the monster. I watched a recent documentary where scientists are saying the monster might not be a myth after all. Apparently, there are large creatures of the deep that we still don’t yet know about. Loch Ness links to the sea… so who knows Nessie may live on 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Priceless Joy

    This post is so interesting! The photos are absolutely beautiful. I know you said they don’t do the scenery justice, because you have been there and have seen it. Since I have not, the landscape is stunningly beautiful to me through these photos. I really love the picture you are using for your header. It is perfect and fitting (in my mind) image of Scotland and the UK. Enjoyed this tour!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mandy

    Cat, thank you for dusting off those old memories. They feel quite fresh in the telling and it must be wonderful to have those to recall now. The photos are breathtaking–I agree, Scotland is surely the most beautiful places I’ve seen (in photos). Have you thought about spend time–maybe a lot time–writing about those travels, more in detail? I would think it would be healing to capture days where life felt more “normal” (despite the history of abuse). Plus, I’d like to read about your travels! 🙂 Awesome post, Cat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cat Post author

      I’m not so sure many other people would like to hear about my travels…lol… might be blog suicide 😉 I’m pleased you liked the pics. It was a very special experience to remember the person I was back then.

      Thank you mandy

      Liked by 1 person

  4. cardamone5

    Lovely post and pics. I only visited Edinburgh, while in the UK for a semester abroad, but I loved it. I would love to go back, as would my husband, and see some of these places. Thanks for what seems like an insiders guide to Scotland.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cat Post author

      No, Glynis, I was more a leisurely walker. The more serious hikes would be on the Cullin mountain range in the Isle of Skye, which I might post another time.

      Thanks 😉


  5. myspokenheart

    Beautiful territory! I hope that one day I will get to see it in person. 🙂
    I love it! the pap of Glencoe… first let me say I had no idea pap meant breast, learn something new everyday. Also that means if I ever did climb to the top I could yell out “I have scaled the nipple peak!” and it would only be somewhat strange and ridiculous. haha!


  6. manyofus1980

    I wish I could see the pictures! Never been to Scotland. But would like to go sometime. But I wont eat the weird Scottish food lol! X


  7. Jenny

    We love Scotland too. When we first arrived in the UK we went to the Lake District and it is undoubtedly beautiful, queuing up a hill and along a nature trail was absurd to me. So back at camp I looked at our map of the UK and saw much wilderness was in Scotland, I put my finger in the middle of the Highlands and said that is were we going next!

    I find that being in the wilderness amongst the trees and with nature a perfect way to recharge and ground myself.


    1. Cat Post author

      If you ever get the chance, the Isle of Skye is amazing, especially if you like walking. Living in London now doesn’t give me much opportunity for wilderness.

      Thank you for commenting

      Liked by 1 person


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