Flash Fiction

This week’s challenge from https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com is towpid-photo-20150223191036308 write 150/175 words using this photo prompt.

“I don’t flippin believe it.” Shirley throws her empty can of lemonade onto the pile of rubbish in the corner of her lounge. She takes a long drag of her cigarette and exhales loudly. “It’s only 9.30_flippin_am and they’ve started a flippin tennis match already.”

Shirley had been outraged when the management proposed a tennis court to replace their plush green lawn, but few residents were willing to listen to a dotty old woman’s campaign.

William loved tennis. As his arthritic legs slowly totter towards the balcony, he glances at Shirley with the same adoration he possessed since the moment they first met, but the years had not been kind to Shirley’s temperament or her hygiene and she would chat to herself all day long, never expecting a reply.

“There is only one thing that will tear my William away from those flippin tennis balls,” Shirley says wryly as she fixed her dress and stockings. “Come on William, sugar plum,” she rattles his collar and lead, “It’s time for your walkies.”

173 words

27 thoughts on “Flash Fiction

  1. Sonya

    Ha, love the twist! I questioned William’s presence because Shirley comes across like a lonely old lady, which makes the ending all the better. Yes, she would definitely have a dog 🙂


  2. izzy-grabs-life

    Yet another great piece. I couldn’t decide if William was a lover-turned-quiet companion, a ghost, or a memory that Shirley could vent her troubles to. But he’s a dog! 😀 A great loving twist! I’m curious. Where to will she walk William?


  3. married2arod

    LOL. You got me. I totally thought William was her husband. And oh man the hygiene line, what a great detail. Poor Shirley. I thought you hit all the parts of a good story: premise, characters, etc. There was a shift in tense. The beginning and end you had present tense and for the memory you had past tense which was fine, but when William totters, that should go back to present tense. But I loved the story, so fun!


    1. Cat Post author

      I knew there was something not right with that part, but was completely missing the point you raised, but hey, that’s why I went with the “aspiring” writers… for kind people like you to offer good feedback, thank you, appreciated 😉

      Liked by 1 person


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