My New ‘This is Me’ page

th47TY6NUTToday’s assignment for the blogging 101 course is to create an ‘About Me’ page.  I ‘m afraid my page had been dormant for a long time.  It’s not that I don’t know what the focus of my blog is, but I’ve always found this introduction page a challenge to write.

My only concern, apart from it sounding boring, is that it might be too long.  I would value any feedback from my fellow-bloggers.  Oh and today I also learned how to imbed links into posts.  So, you can read my new ‘This is Me’ page here. Let me know what you think

12 thoughts on “My New ‘This is Me’ page

    1. Cat Post author

      When you’re righting the post, if you highlight the words you want to link to a web address and then just above the writing of your post there is an add link option and a remove link option. You click add link and a small box appears where you enter the link URL and that’s it, simple, when you know how!


    1. Cat Post author

      Thank you so much for thinking about me. I already have the Liebster award, but don’t display it. I should actually have a notice somewhere. Congratulations on your own award, I will drop by to see your answers.



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