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The Love-Hate challenge

Edwina’s Episodes nominated me for the Love-Hate challenge. Check out her amazing blog, it’s always full of lots of fun and variety.

The rules are to list 10 things you love and 10 you hate and, of course, nominate 10 bloggers, preferably ones you love rather than hate. I will nominate anyone who would like to take part in the challenge. Being a British early 50’s male, the hate list was much easier to compile, but…

… I will go with the love list first.

  1. Inenhanced-buzz-1976-1381249205-6 the UK, our Post boxes are red, but unfortunately for this old boy, so are the dog poo bins.  I love a good laugh!
  2. Oh yes, I love those Brussels sprouts . They are the most hated vegetable in the UK and the US.
  3. I am from Glasgow in Scotland and it’s in our blood to love a good old natter. According to Psychologists, 80% of conversation is gossip.
  4. I love all kinds of weather. Rain contains vitamin B12 and the speed of one raindrop is 17milesp.h.
  5. Blogging and interacting with people from all over the world is a favourite pastime. Did you know that 40% of world bloggers use WordPress and most blogs are read between 7 & 10am?
  6. If, like me, you are obsessed love tidiness, look at this hilarious article on Nineteen Problems all Tidy People will recognise.
  7. Jack the dog asked me to write about his greatest love – His ball, of course.
  8. I try not to love complaining, but here’s a letter to keep in mind for the future

enhanced-buzz-24299-1367485542-1210. Um… I just love it when we can pretend number 9 doesn’t exist.

And here are the things I hate

  1. Spitting… It may well contain a treasure trove of juicy data for scientists, but there should be a law against spitting in the street.
  2. Wasps… I once had my thighs and private parts stung multiple times… loads of multiple times… I know you’re all dying to hear why I was exposing such a sensitive area… well, wouldn’t you like to know.
  3. Spider’s eek and even worse are the webs that tangle around our face and hair. There are 40,000 species of spiders in the UK and most of them have passed through my home.
  4. Farting in public is disgusting and usually blows where two or more men are gathered. Experts – I wonder what qualifies people to be fart experts – say women fart 7 times a day and men 12, but if our politeness holds our bums cheeks tight, it will only creep out while we sleep.
  5. Grocery shopping is said to be a shared part of the human experience, but I hate it and it’s even worse when I forget to check my shopping list.
  6. Or when I park my car in a multi-storey car park but then forget to notice what floor I am on.
  7. And the automated voice switchboards that fail to understand my Glaswegian accent.
  8. I hate it when I don’t walk Jack long enough and then he refuses to turn back
  9. Or when he runs onto the tennis court and pinches their balls, the tennis balls, that is.
  10. Check out this funny post from Buzzfeed on 24 things British people hate.

Now I invite you to tell us what you love & hate